The First Name in Electrostatic Powder Coating

At Pacific Powder Coating, we let over 30 years of performance powder coating experience at our Sacramento Powder Coating facility speak for itself. No job is too complex for our certified staff of more than 35 electrostatic powder coating technicians. Our Sacramento Powder Coating facility provides custom colors and textures. Protective coating for corrosion control? No problem. Whatever your specifications, Pacific Powder Coating has the expertise and the resources to make your product shine.

In any application where corrosion resistance and aesthetics are critical, performance powder coating is your best option.

Electrostatic powder coating offers:

  • Thick finishes with no running

  • Razor-thin coatings with perfectly uniform color

  • Fully recyclable and non-hazardous paints

  • Protective coating for corrosion control

  • Better scratch resistance than traditional paints

  • Many texture options and specialty effects, such as silk screening

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How Does PPC’s Electrostatic Powder Coating’s Process Work?

  • Pretreatment
    Performance powder coating starts by chemically, or mechanically, removing the oils and greases from the substrate. All parts go through a minimum five-stage chemical pretreatment process where an Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating is applied for steel, or a Non Chrome-chromate for aluminum parts. Because corrosion is any metal’s worst enemy, Pacific Powder Coating takes no short cuts in insuring this first step is done correctly, as it is the basis for a impenetrable protective coating for corrosion control.
  • Application
    Electrostatic powder coating gets its name because the paint particles are forced by compressed air through a gun that gives the particles a uniform positive charge. The charge helps these paint particles spread evenly on the target piece, which has been grounded to give it a negative charge. Opposite charges attract, and voila! The paint sticks to the target, dispersed evenly.
  • Curing
    The powder-coated piece is baked in our large capacity ovens, causing the powder to melt and flow evenly into a resilient protective barrier. In a short period, the part is cured and ready to be shipped.

The PPC Difference

  • Thousands of colors

  • Four finish options: Hybrid, Epoxy, Polyester and Urethane

  • Northern California’s largest curing oven: 28-foot and 5000 lbs. capacity

PPC’s extensive production factory allows us to also provide design and metal fabrication. Visit our Manufacturing Page learn more about these added-value services.

To add your name to our lengthy list of satisfied customers, contact our technicians today at our Sacramento Powder Coating facility and let us show you how powder coating can improve your product’s life.