Cutting-Edge Design, Metal Fabrication & Industrial Metal Finishing

With Pacific Powder Coating, no longer will you have to transport a project from a design firm, to metal fabrication, then on to a finishing shop for the final metal finishing. With PPC, you can get every step done in one convenient location. At PPC, the design, fabrication, assembly, and metal finishing is all done in the same building, eliminating extra transportation costs and saving your project valuable time. What’s more, since PPC is responsible for the results, there is an unequaled level of accountability..

Pacific Powder Coating designs and performs steel fabrication services in one workshop.

We have the metal fabrication and industrial metal finishing resources for every facet of your project. Our fees are reasonable because we do everything—from pencil to packaging—in one vertically-integrated workshop. This allows for unmatched delivery times and significant savings for you.

The Process: PPC’s steel fabrication services combine style and function.

Because of steel’s resilience and simple beauty, today metal fabrication is in high demand for many products. First, Pacific Powder Coating’s team of certified steel fabricators creates a cost-efficient design, or works from an existing one. Second, our steel fabrication services team molds, forms, cuts, and assembles the pieces in our metal shop. Third, the industrial metal finishing team powder coats the finished product. The entire process is completed at our facility in Sacramento.

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Design and Metal Fabrication Project Feedback

Design and Metal Fabrication Project Success Story

Morgan Med Design, a manufacturer of doctors’ exam tables, came to us in hopes of “trimming the fat” off their current model. A multinational corporation wanted to buy a large volume of their tables, but only if they could cut down the unit cost. Our design team went to the drawing board, and soon came up with a more functional and lightweight design, cutting 15% off the unit cost. With this cost-efficient exam table, Morgan Med Design secured the contract–and saw sales on this model jump 25% in just one year.

Still wondering how PPC can save you time and money? Contact us to see what cost-reducing plans we have for your next metal fabrication and industrial metal finishing project.