Inbound Guidelines for Powder Coating

In order for your parts to be finished on time please read and follow our inbound guidelines for powder coating preparation and receipt.


All parts to be coated should arrive at Pacific Powder Coating well labeled. For example, your name or company name needs to be clearly indicated on each separate package. The color the product is to be coated and your purchase order number would also be helpful. Ensure that Purchase Orders arrive prior to, or with your order. Purchase Orders must include a detailed description of parts to be coated i.e. quantity, size, color, part number(s) if applicable, and any special packaging instructions. This will ensure that your material is easily identified, and will help us to complete your coating job more efficiently.


Please ensure that the packaging, containers, or skids you supply with your product provide proper protection against damage. For example, if your material is placed on a skid it should not be larger than the skid or “hang over” the sides of the skid. Material will be repackaged in the packaging containers you provide. Therefore, packages must provide suitable protection against damage to the material as well as the coated finish.


All material to be coated should be free of inks, such as those from mill applied lettering, markers or other writing materials. These inks can show through the finished coating (especially when the parts are coated in lighter colors), and therefore should be avoided whenever possible.

Weld Spatter

All welds should be clean and the surrounding area should be free of weld spatter wherever possible. The heat involved can not only change substrate properties, but also incorporate contaminants into the part surface. Our pre-treatment process is only designed for removal of surface contaminants and is not a suitable substitute for mechanical cleaning. This will invariably compromise the integrity of the final powder coating as manifested by bare spots and pinholes in extreme cases.

Packaging Debris

All parts to be coated should be free of packaging materials and shipping debris. While our hangers inspect parts as they are hung on the line, certain problems are hard to detect. A major culprit has been clear tape of various sizes and sorts as it is nearly impossible to detect, especially in high volume orders. The end result of this melted tape on the substrate is coating failure (e.g. zero powder adhesion or a distorted, uneven finish). If you remove tape from the substrate, be sure to remove the adhesive residue with paint thinner, alcohol, etc, as the adhesive left on the surface will result in the same failures as the tape itself.

Oxidation, Hot-Rolled Steel, and Laser Scale

Any type of oxidation (e.g. rust, white rust, etc.), mill scale or laser scale can only affect the final product quality in a negative manner. Our pre-treatment process cannot remove oxides or scale, and if a substrate is severely corroded (or has been lying around in the shop for an extended period) the end product will have predictably less corrosion resistance, a decreased level of powder adhesion and a lower quality finish. The only solution is mechanically cleaning the surface (sandblasting, media blasting, etc.) in order to remove the oxidation or scale, which we can do for a minimal additional charge.

Galvanized and Zinc Substrates

Poor quality of galvanized steel and zinc coatings adversely affects the final product. In no way is Pacific Powder Coating liable for lesser coating quality (such as roughness, pinholes, or decreased powder adhesion) on these substrates. Ultimately, the customer is responsible for the condition of the substrate before it arrives at our site.


All parts fabricated from tubing should have drain holes, as powder will not adhere to a tube with water trapped inside. Also, air trapped inside the tube expands when heated and can cause pin holes, bare spots or discoloration at the points of exit. All parts must be hung on the line and as such the configuration of the part must be considered each time a new part is introduced to our process. The Production Manager or Supervisor will inform the customer of any special requirements when the purchase order is placed.

This is only a guideline for you, the customer. Pacific Powder Coating is always willing to assist you in any way and address any concerns that you may have. In certain circumstances one or more of the above situations may be unavoidable, but we will work with you to make your product as coating friendly as possible. The purpose of this notice is to inform, not to delegate responsibility. Through increased awareness of these potential pitfalls, quality and efficiency of service to you can only be improved.

We greatly appreciate and value your continued business.

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