The Environmentally Friendly Way to Paint

Powder coating, the alternative to wet spray painting, is widely known as the environmentally friendly way to paint. The process of powder coating contains no solvents, therefore creates negligible, if any, VOC emissions which helps combat air pollution. One major element in expanding the market for powder coating was the implementation of stringent air pollution control over the past thirty years. Compliance with state and federal regulations is much easier with powder coating than other finishes. Powder is the environmentally friendly coating material now and for the future.

Powder is not considered hazardous waste unlike other forms of coating such as liquid paint coatings. The process of powder coating eliminates toxic sludge and water that contaminates the earth. Powder coating also creates little in the form of material waste. Powder coating is a recognized finish by the LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program.

Green Technology Powering Pacific Powder

We’ve carried the green mission of powder coating further within our company. We are excited to announce we are officially solar powdered and producing our own clean energy. This long-time dream of the owner, finally became a reality thanks to CitiGreen Solar. We now have 1,065 sparkling solar panels on top of our 40,000 square foot building, powering 92% of our entire facility (see pictured above). In addition to our clean energy source, our whole shop floor was designed with green efficiency in mind. Our powder booths use 90% of powder material which eliminates waste from going into a landfill. Up to 98% of the powder overspray is collected and reclaimed for future use which creates a more efficient and economical form of coating.

Pacific Powder Coating utilizes energy efficient equipment and environmentally friendly processes in our shop whenever possible. Our plant lighting was retrofitted with the latest fluorescent technology to save electricity. All equipment was built with premium efficiency motors. We have even carried our green mission into the front office where we’ve purchased recycled office products for our management and office staff. We also recycle all used paper products. Green is a way of life at Pacific Powder Coating.

Carbon Footprint Drawing