Batch Processing

Pacific Powder Coating offers two state-of-the-art batch powder coating systems. Our batch systems are used mainly for low volume parts and larger items like frames, louvers, extrusion, patio furniture and railings.

Our batch system can handle a maximum part size that is 8 feet 6 inches high x 11 feet 6 inches wide and 30 feet long (Northern California’s largest curing oven). Your parts will be cleaned with a high pressure spray wand that uses a cleaner phosphate combination and a R.O. water rinse. After drying, the parts will be sprayed using manual GEMA electrostatic guns in the color of your choice.

Once the powder is applied, your parts will move into the natural gas convection oven to be cured per the powder coating manufacturer’s specifications.

Batch Powder Coating System | Pacific Powder Coating