Leaders in Industrial Powder Coating and Steel Fabrication Services.

What began in 1987 with 6,000 sq ft and four employees, now operates in 50,000 sq ft with 35 highly trained technicians at our Sacramento Powder Coating facility. In our 20+ years, we have incorporated many different industrial powder coating and manufacturing services to save our customers time and money. Unlike other powder coating firms, we design, manufacture, finish, and assemble products all under one roof!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our core business. We still deliver superior powder coating services, and now provide additional services for all our customers’ manufacturing needs.

Here are some examples:

  • Custom design services

  • Steel fabrication services

  • Chemical and mechanical pretreatment

  • Protective coatings for metal

  • Quality finishes in 1000s of colors

  • Post-production silk screening, assembly, packaging and shipping

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Metal fabrication and design options save you time and money.

We have eliminated the need to go to separate design firms, metal fabrication shops, and finishing job shops just to get your project done. Let PPC handle the entire project—from the idea stage to assembly and shipping—in our Sacramento Powder Coating facility. PPC saves you time and money by combining a full-service design and manufacturing workshop with our electrostatic powder coating job shop. Say goodbye to high transportation costs and time lost in transit.

We’ve combined a full design studio with a manufacturing plant, all housed in our large capacity industrial powder coating warehouse at our Sacramento Powder Coating facility. You will find additional details about our steel fabrication services, and other manufacturing solutions for your business, on our Manufacturing page.