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Northern California Powder Coating & Metal Fabrication Shop

Welcome to Pacific Powder Coating, the premier Sacramento Powder Coating company, a leading provider of electrostatic powder coating, sand blasting services and metal fabrication services to Northern California and Bay Area customers. In over 20 years of service, PPC has powder coated protective coatings for corrosion control onto virtually all metallic surfaces, including aluminum. We also have a complete metal fabrication and design workshop to offer even more services to our customers.

Whatever your specifications, PPC has the resources and experience to design, build, finish, assemble, and ship your project quickly and economically.

Electrostatic Powder Coating blends form and function

When our electrostatic powder coating technicians apply a finish, it is not just a pretty paint job. Pacific Powder coating finishes also provide a protective coating for corrosion control, shielding the metal from the elements that cause corrosion to occur.

The protective coating for corrosion control is applied as a dry powder with the help of electrostatic guns at our Sacramento Powder Coating facility. The powder coated parts are then baked in 35-foot ovens—Northern California's largest powder coating ovens—until the coating has melted into a uniform and smooth surface. Not using liquid paints protects the environment and provides a more durable coating. The result is a protective coating for corrosion control that increases the life of your metal piece, while also giving it an attractive appearance.

For more information about our electrostatic powder coating services, including protective coatings for corrosion control, please visit our Sacramento Powder Coating facility or go to our powder coating page.

Metal fabrication and design options save you time and money

We have eliminated the need for Northern California or Bay Area powder coating customers to go to separate design firms, metal fabrication shops, and finishing job shops just to get their projects done. Let PPC handle the entire project—from the idea stage to assembly and shipping—in our our Sacramento Powder Coating facility. PPC saves you time and money by combining a full-service design and manufacturing workshop with our electrostatic powder coating job shop. Say goodbye to high transportation costs and time lost in transit.

More details on our full line of metal fabrication options are found on our Manufacturing page.

If you are in Northern CA or the Bay Area, Contact us to see how PPC can save time and money on your next metal fabrication or electrostatic powder coating project.